Seattle Bankruptcy in Washington State

BankruptcyBankruptcy isn’t something anyone wants to contemplate. Many people in Seattle who file bankruptcy are well-educated, professional people with families, careers, and standing in their communities. They aren’t spendthrifts or cheats—they’re ordinary people facing extraordinary difficulties, like mounting medical bills or an unexpected job loss, that have left them with unsustainable levels of debt. As the United States and much of the rest of the world languish in some of the worst economic conditions seen in decades, these stories have become all too common, and affect people and families at all strata of society.

The decision to file for bankruptcy in Seattle, or anywhere in Washington, should not be made lightly. This option can have important benefits for some people, and may represent your soundest financial option at times. The act of filing for bankruptcy puts an immediate halt to all debt collection proceedings, repossession attempts, and foreclosure actions against you. Your creditors, including any who may have been harassing you over the phone, at work, or by other means, are required by law to stop contacting you and may only deal with you by talking to your bankruptcy attorney. Your debts are resolved through the bankruptcy process, allowing you to emerge with a clean slate. Depending on your circumstances, declaring bankruptcy can:

If you are facing legal action such as repossession or foreclosure, contact us immediately, even if you are in the process of completing a loan modification or forbearance. Don’t wait until your property is seized before you seek legal representation, or the law may not allow you to reclaim your assets even after you file for bankruptcy.

When you hire Henry, DeGraaff & McCormick, our attorneys will work with you personally to determine if bankruptcy is right for you, and help you explore your options. Every client is unique to us: if bankruptcy isn’t your best option, we’ll tell you, and work with you to find a better solution. We promise you an honest appraisal of your situation and a passionate advocate for you and your rights.

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