Why Choose Us?

Things that make us different:

  • – We have solutions for Individuals or Businesses who have not yet defaulted on their loans (but are at risk of imminent default)  and who are concerned about their credit worthiness.  But due to excessive debt or negative cash flow, they cannot obtain additonal financing and cannot refinance or reduce the terms of their high interest debt, have creditors calling.  It is our hope that we can provide useful financial counseling and legal advice so that you make prudent decisions before liquiding retirement funds and/or jeopardizing your furture business prospects.
  • – If you are a consumer or business owner who has just started missing payments on loans or credit cards and are terrified to deal with collection calls, we can help.  When collection calls and harrassment have already started, doing nothing is likely to affect your family relations and your ability to work productively.  Its time to seek legal cancel now because we can do more to help you now.
  • – We offer financial advice for your friends and family members who may or may not be prepared to face their financial problems.  If bankruptcy is necessary, we will help make the process as painless as possible.
  • – We also have strategies for those that are facing foreclosure, a shortsale of their home, a car repossession or garnishment.  Talking to us about the problem is the first step to a resolution.

Here are Some of the Tools We Use:

 Bankruptcy – When and whether to file

  • – Types of Bankruptcy – Learn the difference between Chapter 7, Chapter 13, and Chapter 11
  • – The Bankruptcy Process – How it will work from start to finish
  • – Questions and Answers – Answers to common questions we hear
  • – Exemptions – How you can protect your assets during bankruptcy
  • – Lien stripping – You may be able to reduce or eliminate your second mortgage

Student Loan Debt – Coping with the high cost of education

  • – Types of Student Loan – Learn the difference between federal and private student loans
  • – Delinquency and Default – What happens when you get behind on your payments
  • – Discharging a Student Loan – Options if you’re not able to pay

Foreclosure – Options for saving your home

  • Your Rights – Know your rights under state law
  • Loan Modification and Forbearance – Options when you can’t pay your mortgage

Your Credit Score – Taking care of errors and negative information

  • – Disputing Inaccurate Information In Your Credit Report – Exercise your rights when they get it wrong
  • – Self-Help Tools – Sample letters and forms you can use to repair your credit

Debt Negotiation – When it’s appropriate to talk things over

  • – Is Debt Negotiation Right For You? – Learn whether you can benefit from negotiation
  • – Your Rights Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act – Understand what debt collectors can and can’t do
  • – Alternatives to Bankruptcy – You may not have to file
  • – Defending Yourself Against Creditors – What to do if you get sued