Washington Foreclosure Fairness Act Homeowners Mediation Program

The Washington State Legislature passed a new law this year requiring all lenders to offer borrowers mediation before foreclosure. The goal of the law, which takes effect starting July 22, 2011, is to allow more Washington State homeowners to modify the loans to avoid foreclosure.

Under the current system, many homeowners are losing their homes unnecessarily simply because they are unable to navigate the Making Home Affordable Modification Program (aka “HAMP”). Many of these homeowners would be able to stay in their homes with a little help. At Seattle Debt Law, our attorneys have already attended training on the new law and we are prepared to assist clients through the process.

There are numerous reasons why you may need an attorney consultation even if you are following all the guidelines of the state sponsored program. The new law gives important deadlines and notices that you must comply with to take advantage of the mediation, but even if you miss those deadlines, you can still get help all the way up to the day before foreclosure. Don’t let the predatory lenders take your house—fight back and stay informed!

For more information, visit the Foreclosure Mediation Program website or read the Department of Commerce’s handout on the program.