Consumer Bankruptcy Lawyers in Washington

familyThe consumer bankruptcy lawyers at Henry, DeGraaff & McCormick, P.S. have been helping consumers deal with their financial challenges for the past decade. We understand the stress that unmanageable financial burdens can place on an individual and their families. We can help stop the harassing phone calls from bill collectors, put an end to garnishments and law suits, stop repossessions and stop foreclosures. Filing for consumer bankruptcy allows most consumer debtors to eliminate most of their unsecured debt while keeping most if not all of their personal property, including household goods and furnishing, retirement accounts, etc. Please see our page about exemptions for more information on what types and how much property can be protected through the bankruptcy process.
For secured debt, the bankruptcy process allows many advantages to deal with secured debt in cars, mortgages, equipment liens and other debt secured by collateral. More information concerning the particular treatment of secured debt can be found on our blog referring to lien stripping and cram down.

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